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Parties with an allergic child.

on October 13, 2013


I’ve posted before about the joys of going out with a baby who can’t have certain foods but, oh the fun of toddler parties!

Summer has been great for us. With a summer born child there’s been so many exciting days out for our little man and he’s loved every second.

But, unfortunately, one issue has been all the parties and all the food. It’s a toughie because, as a parent, you don’t want them to miss out on a thing but they kind of have to.

They can’t have all the cool party food…

Everything requires taking your own food.
Being prepared.
Thinking ahead.
Having a nice little stash of allergen-free alternatives so your little one doesn’t feel left out.

That yummy birthday cake? Not a chance – usually dairy-laden, as are most of the cakes, biscuits, breadsticks, even crisps that often have lactose in their flavourings.

Then add in a salmon allergy and high intolerance to tomatoes and your little toddler suddenly can’t eat the majority of stuff in the room.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. Not for one second am I suggesting that people should alter their party choices. It’s one of those things and I’m always very prepared with a bag of carefully matched alternatives.

All my friends are wonderful and really help me to keep an eye on my monkey to ensure he doesn’t grab food he can’t have.

But it’s never easy at these things.

I find it impossible to relax.

I find it very hard when people who don’t know us roll their eyes when I have to grab a plate/piece of food off him quickly . There’s no time for an explanation – it just needs to be done.

I find it infuriating when people try to give my child food. I know they’re being nice but, oh dear god just DON’T. Do they then have to deal with the upset stomachs, vomiting, rashes, screaming, insane behaviour triggered by a reaction? No.

I hate the fact that I must look like a total neurotic mother when what I’d really love to do is just be able to let him go for it.

For him to be able to have the freedom other children have with food.

But at the moment he can’t.
And that sucks.

So, if you’re ever at a kids party – spare a thought for us frazzled allergy mums!
Put plates up high out of the way of inquisitive toddlers to give us a helping hand!


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