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Cloth isn’t scary!

on October 29, 2013


(This post is linked into the Halloween ‘Cloth isn’t scary’ Hunt being held by The Great British Nappy Hunt)

Using cloth nappies was something that I kind of always knew that I’d do.
Ok – I was a little worried that with a newborn that I might find it a tad difficult to keep on top of everything, but it didn’t concern me too much.

But I’ve found that my lack of worry isn’t something that others share.

As I’ve met other mums through baby groups and through running my local cloth nappy library I’ve encountered a few funny looks.
A few worried faces.
A few, quite frankly terrified expressions.

Quite a lot of people have got this old-fashioned idea that somehow cloth is a LOT of hard work. That you’re going to be soaking nappies, boiling nappies and generally slaving over nappies all day and night long.
That they’re going to be a nightmare to use.
That disposables are just so much easier.

Ok, so whilst disposables might be easier to whip on and off, the bottom line is that they are going to cost you an absolute fortune and are pretty damn awful for our environment so there’s got to be a better option, right? One that isn’t going to leave you chained to your kitchen or utility room?

So – here I’m going to try to allay some of those fears. To reassure any new mummies-to-be or mummies who are just new to cloth that it’s honestly ok. That cloth really isn’t as scary as you might think.

Modern cloth nappies are seriously an absolute doddle to use. I’ve blogged about how easy they are before and nearly 2 years on from those original posts I still have the same views. Have a read here , here and here to find out in more detail!

Sometimes one member of a family might be more into the idea of using cloth than the other one. I’ve seen this a lot and I promise that once you both get into it, it’s quite easy and the reluctant party will wonder why they got so worked up! Have a read of this blogpost to help you get some ideas!

With cloth nappies nowadays they are shaped like a standard disposable (just a bit thicker!) and fasten with either poppers or a velcro-style system. They come in a range of styles and funky colours and you can even get ones that are personalised and custom-made!

When it comes to washing them, all you have to do is remove any liners from the inside and get rid of any solid waste down the toilet before popping them into a washbag. No soaking required at all! When you’ve got either a bag full or a couple of days worth, then just chuck them into the washing machine. I wash mine at 60 with a prewash (see my washing post) and I use sanitising powder.

And that’s it! When they’re dry all you have to do is put them back together, line them with a paper and/or fleece liner and you’re sorted.

No running out of nappies.
No having to do a last minute dash to the shops when you realise you’ve got nothing in.
No horrible chemicals against your little one’s skin.
No mountains of binbags going to landfill (see – that’s scary!)

Cloth is simple, not scary!

So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you give cloth a try?
Head on over to The Great British Nappy Hunt

to find out lots more about modern cloth nappies and join in the Halloween Hunt. You could win a fantastic clothy gift to get you started!

daisytheclothbummum has not been paid for this blogpost. All words, thoughts and opinions are my own.



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