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My Poor Baby: Toddler with a broken leg.

on April 16, 2014


Toddlers – they’re a mad little bunch of individuals, aren’t they!

Tearing around everywhere, bumping and banging into anything and everything.

But they always get back up. Brush themselves down. Start their mad antics all over again.

Unfortunately for us, sometimes they don’t. Our little man decided to end our rather amazing holiday in Italy with a spectacular fall that resulted in him breaking his leg quite badly.

I’d spent the whole week in a stunning apartment owned by my cousin telling him to be careful. To avoid:

the glass coffee table
the stone steps
the marble
the hard floors
to not climb on the sofas
to not bounce on the beds

To pretty much be something that he’s just not.


As we reached the last day of our holidays, I was so relieved that he’d not had even one little bump. But then he went and fell.

Over a tree root. A silly little insignificant tree root down a pathway that he’d been up and down countless times each day.


Without going into too much detail, it’s safe to say that I never want to hear the kind of scream that I heard my beautiful little boy make as he fell down ever, ever, EVER again. It was heartbreaking. It was the sort of scream where you just know instantly that something is very very wrong.

We then spent a night in an Italian hospital. The staff were all very good and very efficient but it was, unfortunately, quite a scary experience for our little lad. We luckily all have EHIC cards (the new version of the E111 forms) and I would strongly advise anyone reading this to make certain you have one of these plus good travel insurance. They are worth their weight in gold.

Luckily we were able to fly back home fairly quickly and British Airways were absolutely amazing with him. I cannot thank them enough.

I’ll be blogging more about how he’s doing but I think we’ve learnt a very important lesson. One that has really altered my view on things.

It’s that – you really and truly can’t stop them getting hurt. You can do your best and try your hardest but sometimes it just happens.

And all you can then do is be there for them.



5 responses to “My Poor Baby: Toddler with a broken leg.

  1. ERF Mama says:

    Oh my! 😦
    Hope he’s in good spirit now. It’s dreadful when they get hurt! x

  2. Oh no! My eldest broke her arm jumping off the arm of the sofa a week before she turned 3. It was horrendous, however, I think after she’d had some pain relief I was more upset than her. Wishing him a nice quick recovery x

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