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Vegan fruity chocolate pudding

on November 23, 2014


As our little Monkey is highly intolerant to all dairy and cow’s milk protein, finding yummy desserts is actually quite a tricky task (especially as we also need to make them nut-free).

I don’t particularly like giving him lots of soya but we have been buying the Alpro and Provamel chocolate/caramel/vanilla desserts as a treat and change from lots of fruit!

However, yesterday, the dessert gods were kind to me! I stumbled across an American recipe for cornstarch (Cornflour) puddings and decided to give them a go.

I had a tin of tropical fruit chunks in the cupboard so drained off the juice and blended it into a purée, along with some blueberries that were knocking around in the fridge.

I boiled up the fruit mixture on the hob in a small pan, along with about half a pint of Oatly oat milk. I then added a good squeeze of honey, some vanilla extract and sieved in about two tablespoons of Cornflour before it got too hot (the Cornflour forms instant hard lumps if it’s added to a hot liquid, in my experience)

As the mixture boiled up it turned thicker so it became a runny thin custard. Once I was happy, I took it off the boil and poured it through a sieve into a Pyrex bowl.

I left it to cool a little before mixing in a good squeeze of Sweet Freedom Choc Shot. This stuff is like liquid gold for making vegan hot chocolate and sauces and my son absolutely loves it!

I then put it in the fridge to cool for a few hours and the result is a really rich, velvety chocolate pudding that’s almost verging on the consistency of a ganache.

I’m going to have a try at mixing some up with a ripe avocado to create a really deep, heavy mousse – wonder if that’ll turn out as well as this did!

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