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Vegan No-Peanut butter/chocolate cakes

on January 10, 2015

Ok. So I absolutely LOVE Reese’s cupcakes. Like. Seriously adore them! But recently I’ve been having some dodgy reactions to peanuts, almonds and other unknown stuff so I’ve had to give them up.

This has been heartbreaking!

So, after making the utterly delicious vegan chocolate mousse earlier on today I had a bit of a brainwave. I’d recently got hold of a tub of Wowbutter from my local Tesco’s.

Wowbutter is a soya-based spread that tastes remarkably like peanut butter but is completely and utterly safe, which is amazing. Whilst I tend to shy away from soya, this stuff is just too incredible for me to ignore.

I grabbed a couple of Kallo rice cakes, thinly spread on some Wowbutter and followed on some chilled vegan chocolate mousse.

Absolute heaven!

Hope you enjoy as much as I have! I’m making myself sit on the sofa and not go running back to the fridge right now! Yum!!!


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