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Child Car Seat Law 2015: a good starting point

on April 3, 2015

So, the new  Child Car Seat Law is now in force and I, for one am delighted. 

Finally all those people like myself who have been waxing lyrical about how unbelievably important keeping your little ones rearfacing is have the law to back them up.

It’s a fantastic start and I’m over the moon that so many little lives (and necks) are being protected through what I feel is a sensible piece of legislation.

Hopefully one day the Government might take heed of countries like Norway where rearfacing to about 4 years old is normal and child fatalities in car crashes is very low as they are protected. 

Children’s necks need protecting. Babies/young children get internally decapitated in crashes due to their heads being proportionally larger to their bodies and the stresses placed on their bodies in a frontal crash. This website explains it more clearly and is really worth a read.


It’s safer.

It’s crucial.

And for children and babies under 15 months it’s now the LAW!


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