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Dairy Free Dinosaurs!

on April 19, 2015

I know, I know. It’s nearly Real Nappy Week and I’ve not got myself in gear for blogging about nappies… I will, I promise, but as little Master Clothbum is now fully trained our lives revolve more around other stuff…

Other stuff that contains a lot of food!

Finding good dairy-free food isn’t always easy and finding treats that don’t cost a fortune can be tricky.

So this morning I decided to make a boring bar of Kinnerton dairy free chocolate into something far more exciting.

I melted it in a bowl over a pan of boiling water and added a tablespoon of Wowbutter (a no-nut peanut butter style spread that is made from soya, so I didn’t want to use a lot). I then added a teaspoon of coconut cream and a splash of vanilla extract.

Then I poured the gooey goodness into a silicone chocolate mould that I got off eBay a while back and popped it into the freezer for a few minutes before moving to the fridge.

The result were these!


Absolutely delicious melt-in-the-mouth Chocolatey treats that are reminiscent of Reeses peanut butter cups! Gorgeous!!!!!

Only problem is… We’re going to eat them far too quickly! Oops!


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