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Real Nappy Week 2015

on April 23, 2015


Well, I have to say – I apologise! It’s nearly the end of Real Nappy Week 2015 and I’ve only just around to blogging about it.

Bad bad Daisy!

But, there’s still a few days left of this fluffy, cloth-loving extravaganza and as it’s mostly held online, you’re usually never late to the party!

If you head over to you’ll be able to find out lots of information about what Real Nappy Week is all about and why it’s so much fun.

There’s loads of exciting competitions around, including the brilliant (and my personal favourite) where you can go searching for the mightily cute ‘Billy the cloth-bummed Kid”.

There’s also the more complex, but still fun, game of which can be played online, alongside the offline version of Passport Pursuit.

But …. (and this is the best thing about RNW 2015)

The online retailers always have some stonkingly good deals on at this time of the year!

So – if you’re expecting a little cloth-bum or just want to up your fluffy stash, then NOW IS THE TIME TO GO SHOPPING! There’s loads of good deals out there, so have fun and just try your hardest to not melt your plastic bankcards from too much use!

Have fun!



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