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Dairy free mini quiches (packed lunch ideas)

on August 26, 2015

As the start of little Master ex-Clothbum’s first term at school is getting ever closer, I’ve decided that I’d better up my game and start thinking about what I’m going to put in his lunchbox.
Sandwiches can be soooo boring and after looking at the school meal plans, I’m unsure that they will be able to cater for a child that can’t have (deep breath…) dairy/nuts/oily fish/salmon/sesame/strawberries and oranges. Yeah – it’s quite a list, isn’t it!

So, I got some see-through lunchboxes and ordered some fantastic personalised multi-allergy labels from Allergy Lifestyle, plus a lunchbox and multi-allergy bracelets. At least I now have some peace of mind that my little man will be protected a bit.

Yesterday, I decided to start experimenting a had a go at making mini quiches. They were A DODDLE to make and taste amazing either hot or cold.

I got a pack of  Green Just Roll Puff Pastry pack of puff pastry and preheated the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. 

I then greased a cupcake tin, used a large flower cutter to press out shapes from the pastry and pressed the into the tin to create little pastry cases. 

I added some ceramic baking beans and blind baked the cases for about ten minutes.
Whilst they were baking I finely chopped up a large red onion, a yellow pepper and a large clove of garlic and fried them on the stove top, along with a few bacon lardons that I’d trimmed a lot of the fat off.

After they had softened, I added a teeny bit of marmite, a sprinkle of sugar and carried on frying to caramelise the mixture. 

Once the pastry was ready, I made sure all the ceramic baking beans were out of the cases (no broken teeth wanted here, thanks!) and spooned the mixture about 3/4 of the way up into all 12 little flower pastry cases

I then beat up an egg with a bit of Oatly Cream, seasoned with pepper and mixed herbs, and carefully topped each pastry case with the mixture.
I baked these for about 15 minutes then put them on a wire rack to cool. They’ve turned out to be delicious! We’ve had them warm, straight from the oven; cold the next day for lunch and I’ve just freezed some to see how they taste once defrosted!

Do any of you have foolproof dairy free lunchbox recipes that you’d care to share?!!!
daisytheclothbummum bought absolutely everything mentioned in this post. It is,in no way, sponsored. 


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