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Quietness has a reason…

on December 27, 2015

Goodness me! It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve put up a blogpost on here. I hope you’ve all been having a truly wonderful time over the holidays. 

Ours has been a little different this year, due to one very very special little reason.  

There’s no alcohol-laden food; smelly stinky cheeses; gorgeous cured meats or pretty much any rich food for me right now, but I really don’t care! In just over a week we’re going to be meeting our little girl for the first time and whilst I’m obviously nervous, I’m so so excited. I’m being induced for medical reasons and I’m so relieved that I have an amazing consultant. 

Unfortunately, I’ve had a really tricky pregnancy, which has included Hyperemesis, many episodes of threatened pre-term labour that has hospitalised me countless times and crippling SPD/PGP which has left me signed off from the job I love and reliant on crutches. Not fun. I’ll be blogging a bit about these (to hopefully help others and give people links to sites/groups I’ve found useful) 
Anyway! So, today marks our little girl being full term. I can relax! 

What an amazing feeling! 


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