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Accidentally Vegan welsh Rarebit Cheese Spread

on July 4, 2016

I miss cheese! I REALLY REALLY miss cheese. 

But as someone who is breastfeeding a dairy-allergic baby, I really can’t have any of the lovely gorgeousness that is a chunk of cheddar; a bite of Brie or a smattering of Stilton.

The fact I’m actually lactose intolerant means I shouldn’t have it anyway – but, hey, you only live once…!

Anyway – I digress. So, yeah. I miss cheese and I’ve been trying lots of vegan nut-free alternatives. But I’ve yet to find a spread that ticked all the boxes for me as I like my cheese strong.

SSo I think I’ve come up with, for me, a bit of a winner.

I got the following ingredients-

Violife Cheddar; Oatly cream; Very Lazy Garlic; Vitalite dairy free spread; Marmite; Marigold Engevita nutritional yeast.
I chopped up the Violife cheddar and blitzed it in a handblender along with a smidgen of the garlic and a teaspoon of Marmite to turn it into a paste. 

Then I added the other ingredients little by little to create a paste/spread that suited me. 

It worked out at about the following amounts –

Half a pack of Violife cheddar; a teaspoon of Marmite; teaspoon of very lazy garlic; tablespoon of Oatly cream; teaspoon of Vitalite; teaspoon of the Marigold nutritional yeast.

It’s SOOO tasty and fantastic either spread and heated up on toast; stirred through pasta or just cold on crackers! 


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