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Master Clothbum is FIVE!

on August 21, 2016

I’m totally writing this blogpost to show off (plus – I’ve got this now for posterity) but – look! Just looooook! 
Now I’m the girl who could never bake.


I destroyed the simplest things and I don’t quite know how I managed it.

I’m still not great at a lot of baking stuff but I’ve got birthday cakes sorted. 

When you’re an allergy mum, you don’t really have a choice. Those lovely easy shop-bought cakes just aren’t an option and if a professional cake maker hears the word ‘allergy’ then – BANG- the cake price goes up massively.

It’s, quite frankly, a total pain.
I’ve now perfected the art of banging out a pretty good Mary Berry Victoria Sponge and now I’m getting more adventurous with my icing and decoration.If I can attempt this stuff, then anyone can! Pinterest and YouTube tutorials are your friends in your cakey journey! 
So – yes. I made that lovely piratey cake!

Pretty cool, isn’t it! 


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