Adventures of a Free-From Clothbum Mum!

Cloth nappies, dairy-free living, reviews and parental ramblings!

About me…

I’m a part-time working, part-time at home mum for my little boy. Life has never been more interesting and exciting – watching the world through his eyes as he grows and shows utter fascination in anything and everything each day.

Cloth nappies were something that I always wanted to use when I had a baby and this blog is my way of passing on what I’ve learnt, along with posts relating to other aspects of life with a little one.

Hope it’s helpful!

Just thought I’d better add – these posts are all my own opinions and are just here to hopefully help mummies out. I am just putting out my honest advice, and not making a living from this site!

I can give nappy talks/demos at centres/groups in my local area. If you want any information, please email me at If you’re not local to me, I could probably point you in the direction of someone who can help!


6 responses to “About me…

  1. Kerry says:

    Hi there, you gave me your website when I was on the phone to you at work, I am the girl from SKY 😉 Your blog is excellent and I will definitely keep it on my blog list for when I eventually have my own babies! x

  2. That’s made my day! I’m so pleased you like it! Yay!!!!

  3. This blog is so helpful! I’m planning on cloth diapering our first little one, and so your info here is a great help! Thank you!

  4. Hi from a fellow CBM, love your blog, just popped over from your post with Baba and Boo!

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