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A step too far for some? Family Cloth.


As my little baby and cat are both ill/ injured, my attention is needed away from the blog so I thought I’d share something I wrote a while back. Have a read, inwardly digest it – then I’d love to know your thoughts!
Would you?
Could you?
Should you?!

When I got into using cloth nappies for my baby, I also opted to use cloth wipes. These little flannels of terry towelling, backed with fleece, have saved us lots of money. They deal with cleaning his bottom very effectively, you rarely need more than one or two wipes per change and get put in the nappy wetbag/ pail and then washed in readiness to be reused. They’re also great for the environment and kind on baby’s skin, with no added chemicals at all. Mine live in a ‘Cheeky wipes’ lidded box and I soak them in warm water, with a squirt of either CJ’S carcass cleaner (smells delicious!) or some olive oil and lavender oil.

Using these has led me into reading about a concept that I’d never heard of before – Family Cloth. This is where whole families (or just certain members who are up for the idea) use cloth wipes instead of toilet paper. Before you screw your face up in disgust, just bear with me!

Think about the mountains of toilet paper that you’d save, and – therefore – the money. It may not be completely for you, but perhaps – just using them for doing number ones would work and would cut down your expenses.

Families who use family cloth often have a little box of wipes in their toilet, plus a wetbag for the dirty ones to go in. Then they just throw them in the wash (often with the cloth nappies), using a sanitising powder. Simple! It could be something worth trying – just remember to keep some toilet paper in the house for reluctant guests!

Now, we haven’t taken the plunge into this, but it’s definitely made me stop and think. What about you?!?

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