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Busy Activities: Sorting Trays.

Now that Monkey is nearly 2, he’s pretty much always on the go.

Always active.

Learning new things all the time.

His language is increasing exponentially and he’s surprising us both with just how much he knows.

It’s an absolute delight to watch him learn so many new things everyday.

There’s always a time…

A time when you just need an active little Monkey to have a quiet moment.

A moment (or preferably a good half hour) where he is so occupied with an activity that you can actually get stuff done.
Usually boring stuff like housework.

So, with this in mind I’ve been putting my teaching brain to use and have started to create him some little activities that we’re going to keep in a box that I can pull out at a moment’s notice.

These are basically Busy Bag activities (you can Google this and loads of great and cheap ideas will come up) but I’m also creating ones that are just a little bit bigger.

This one has been an enormous hit so far.

Basically it’s an egg box that I’ve painted in different colours.

I’ve then gone and got a whole range of items that he can sort.

Pom Poms, feathers, foam stickers, large beads, big buttons (whatever I can lay my hands on that’s nice and cheap, to be honest)

The other morning he sat and played for ages.



Moving things from one section to another.

Placing objects in cupcake cases.

Whilst he was doing this, I was busy cleaning and tidying up our kitchen. But I was listening.

Listening to him saying his colours (he didn’t get them right all the time, but I could gently correct him where necessary. He has a thing about red so EVERYTHING is red first!)

Listening to him saying his numbers. Not always in order, but it’s a good start!

Watching him trying to put colours together (not always successfully!)

And generally having a whale of a time.

Not bad for something that cost pennies!

What Busy activities have you made for your little ones? I hope they’re having as much fun as Monkey is!


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