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Hold your horses: Selling on your nappies too quickly.


Ok, ok – so I’ve used the title of this blogpost to unashamedly put up a photo of my little boy as a teeny baby – BECAUSE HE WAS SO DAMN GORGEOUS – but it’s actually here to illustrate a point.

A point that I’ve been meaning to blog about for a while, but life has kind of got in the way.

Now, I’m a member of many cloth nappy related groups on the internet and there are several common threads that keep cropping up time and time again.

One of the main ones is people who are panicking because their baby has suddenly outgrown all their stash. Outgrown BTP (birth-to-potty) nappies that should be lasting longer.

These aren’t babies at the top end of the weight scale for nappies (around the 35lb ish mark).

These are usually babies who are at that stage between rolling and crawling, or between crawling and walking.

The cute stages where quite often their little chubby legs are just SO chubby that it’s really hard to do up those nappies.
Those medium nappies just don’t fit.
Those BTP’s just aren’t quite working anymore.

Whilst it’s tempting to sell on a lot and buy the next size up (believe me, I know because I’ve done it myself) it’s really worth sometimes just holding back.

Just hold your horses and wait.

Because, all of a sudden those nappies might start to fit again and all those lovely nappies that you’ve just got in the next size up will be MASSIVE.

When babies start to crawl and/or walk, they really change how they use their muscles and all those little rolls of gorgeous fat start to disappear. Chunky legs and tummies slim right down and it’s astounding how they suddenly fit back into nappies that you’d honestly given up on.


Invest in your nappies wisely, my lovely fluffy friends.
Try to hold on to workhorse nappies that will see you through.
Invest in good BTP’s that will last through to toddlerhood and don’t come up too small.
Invest in good BTP wraps that cover a wider weight range.


Hold your horses!

The nappy my son is wearing in this photo STILL FITS HIM AT 2 YEARS OLD!
It didn’t for a short while whilst he was a very chunky little monkey, but now it does.
It’s an Itti Bitti Large D’Lish and I seriously never thought we’d get to use it again.


Fluffy Battleground: Toddler vs. the whole nappy stash…


Ok. So I’ve just recently come to discover something quite startling.

Something that has made me have to stop and utterly rethink how I do things.

Something that is generating a bit more washing!

Something that is changing how I go about life with my lovely, fluffy, cloth nappies.

“Well? What is it? What is this astounding revelation that has come to pass?” I hear you cry…




Toddlers really can WEE!

Oh, oh my goodness! They can really, really REALLY wee. Ok, so my little monkey isn’t totally quite a toddler – he’s more of a cruiser at the moment (although he did stand up on his own for the first time the other day, which was AMAZING!)

Anyway, I digress. Yes, oh deary me. The nappies that we had come to rely on are just not cutting it anymore. He can wee through them in a nanosecond and it’s, quite frankly, an absolute pain in the backside. Suddenly the majority of our pocket nappies have been rendered utterly redundant and I’m having to rethink how we use our nappies completely.




I’m sure that there’s quite a few of you sat there, reading this and pretty much laughing at/with me. You’ve probably been there… had the lovely moment where you realise, a mere few minutes after changing your little darling that they’re absolutely sodden with wee….and you have NO MORE CLEAN TROUSERS/ SHORTS IN THE HOUSE.

It’s quite headbanging-against-wall-repeatedly annoying!

So, what’s the solution? Come on then, Daisy – surely you should know…you are, after all, the self-proclaimed nappy-blogging queen…


Well – I think I’m getting there! I’ve found that switching to fitted nappies with a good wrap over the top seems to do the trick. Most pockets are finding the sudden wee torrents a little challenging (although there are a couple of brands, including Baba+Boo and Rumparooz that have coped remarkable well). I’ve found that using fleece liners has made the problem worse at times as all they do is repel the sudden gush of wee, bouncing it back so it leaks out of the leg holes really quickly. Using fleecy liners, like the Little Lamb ones, seems to do the trick right now. My lovely Itti Bitti nappies are coping most of the time, but he’s even managed to beat the bamboo at times.

Have any of you suddenly found your baby turning from a normal, run-of-the-mill widdler into a full blown heavy wetter? It’s interesting that this change seems to have come at a time when little Monkey is now more in control of his own body. He’s cruising, starting to stand independently and is turning into a proper little boy.

It’ll be potty training before I know it… Eeek!!!


‘It’s going to take up too much time’


I know that I'm usually very upbeat and cheerful when it comes to blogging about my lovely fluffy nappies, but I'm actually getting increasingly annoyed. Annoyed with some of the reasons for not using cloth that people come up with whenever they talk about it to me.

Now, please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I'm right and that others are wrong. Everyone is entitled to make their own choices and I firmly believe that. However, I believe that you should make an educated choice based on knowledge and understanding rather than hearsay and lack of information.

I have respect for people who hold their hands up and tell me that they're not using cloth because they're just couldn't be bothered, that they don't have space for airers, that it never appealed or that they weren't aware of the options that cloth has to offer. That's honesty. But the excuse that keeps getting trotted out is:

It's going to take up too much time,
I don't have the time.
Or another version of it.

So. Right. Here's how much time dealing with my cloth nappies took me today.

I picked up the wetbag full of dirty nappies and walked downstairs - 1 minute
I put them in the washing machine - about 30 seconds
I added powder and sanitiser - another 30 seconds
I turned the machine on - a second

Ok, so the washing cycle then took 2 hours, but I was busy playing with Monkey, feeding Monkey, etc, so I'm not going to count that.

Then, I took the nappies out and put them on the airer - 5 minutes.

Once they're dry I'll sit and stuff them, making them ready to use - 15 mins whilst I watch TV!

Take them back upstairs and put them away - 2 minutes.

So, excluding the wash that took me/ will take me - 24 mins.

Ok, so it's not as time efficient as picking up a disposable, putting it in the bin and taking a bag full of them outside every now and then, but it's not exactly a lot of time. And, to add to that - it's spread out over a couple of days (including drying) so it's not really noticeable.

Then just think about the savings and the reduced impact on the environment (as long as you're washing full loads, line/airer drying and not washing over 60 degrees)

I can be very lazy in other areas (love my snuggly lazy days in bed with my family), but I really can't see how that's a lot of effort!

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