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I’ve made quite a cool discovery over the past few days, and I just wanted to write a quick little blog post to let you know. I’ve blogged before about cloth wipes and wipes solutions, and as you might know – I rather like CJ’s, which is fab stuff.

The only problem with CJ’s is that I have to send off for it, and – well – I’m an impatient soul. So, whilst I was out in town with Monkey, I popped into my local Lush shop. I LOVE Lush, I always have done. When I was younger, I used to adore going down to London as the only Lush shop at the time that I knew of was the one in Covent Garden. I used to go down on school trips, or to see my friends and would always find a way to go there and stock up on lots of gorgeous, smelly stuff.

So, whilst I was wandering around I found two things that I thought might work rather well for using with Monkey. I had a chat with the lovely girl who runs our local shop and she agreed that they were the products that were ok for using with such a young baby.

Before I go any further, I just want to stop and say that this isn’t a post where I’ve had something in for a review. I’m just so excited about my discovery and I could bang on about how much I love Lush for days on end! My hubby absolutely hates me dragging him in there – he says it’s like a perfume bomb has gone off and is trying to kill him (well – he says that, but in much more flowery, expletive language!)

Sooooo…what did I buy? Oooh – well – I got a few of the lovely Ickle Baby Bot’s and a pot of Dreamwash.


(I’m going to stop and go off on a tangent for one, brief second and growl as I HATE the word/shortening ‘ickle’ Is it just me, or does it just sound stupid and slightly patronising? It links into a whooooole world of babytalk that I could rant on and on about, but I’m not going to subject you lovely people to that. Enough on that – but I think you might get the idea that I like talking to babies properly! As a primary school teacher, I really feel that teaching proper language skills/words from the start is important)/

Aaaaaanyway! I got those, and happily took them home. I then set about grating the baby bots up on the finest grater that I possess. I put the lovely, fine powder into a lockable tupperware box and I’m using a couple of spoonfuls of it in my wipes solutions. It’s fab! it smells gorgeous and is lovely and soothing for his bottom.

I also had a go with a bit of the Dreamwash, but that doesn’t seem to be as moisturising as the Baby Bot, so I just add a splash of organic sunflower oil into the mix and it works wonders! What a fab result!

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