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The Huffington Post is brilliant!

There are certain articles that you just HAVE to read. Ones that make you laugh uncontrollably but have a serious message behind them.

This is one of them!

If, like me, you have had any kind of offensive, derogatory and uneducated comment levelled in your direction because you decided to *gasp* breastfed your child, then this article will leave you both nodding madly and cracking up with laughter!


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My Poor Baby: Toddler with a broken leg.


Toddlers – they’re a mad little bunch of individuals, aren’t they!

Tearing around everywhere, bumping and banging into anything and everything.

But they always get back up. Brush themselves down. Start their mad antics all over again.

Unfortunately for us, sometimes they don’t. Our little man decided to end our rather amazing holiday in Italy with a spectacular fall that resulted in him breaking his leg quite badly.

I’d spent the whole week in a stunning apartment owned by my cousin telling him to be careful. To avoid:

the glass coffee table
the stone steps
the marble
the hard floors
to not climb on the sofas
to not bounce on the beds

To pretty much be something that he’s just not.


As we reached the last day of our holidays, I was so relieved that he’d not had even one little bump. But then he went and fell.

Over a tree root. A silly little insignificant tree root down a pathway that he’d been up and down countless times each day.


Without going into too much detail, it’s safe to say that I never want to hear the kind of scream that I heard my beautiful little boy make as he fell down ever, ever, EVER again. It was heartbreaking. It was the sort of scream where you just know instantly that something is very very wrong.

We then spent a night in an Italian hospital. The staff were all very good and very efficient but it was, unfortunately, quite a scary experience for our little lad. We luckily all have EHIC cards (the new version of the E111 forms) and I would strongly advise anyone reading this to make certain you have one of these plus good travel insurance. They are worth their weight in gold.

Luckily we were able to fly back home fairly quickly and British Airways were absolutely amazing with him. I cannot thank them enough.

I’ll be blogging more about how he’s doing but I think we’ve learnt a very important lesson. One that has really altered my view on things.

It’s that – you really and truly can’t stop them getting hurt. You can do your best and try your hardest but sometimes it just happens.

And all you can then do is be there for them.



Doesn’t time go by so quickly…

Well. I hadn’t realised just how much time had gone by since my last blogpost on here.

This time of the year is just so busy.

I’m a teacher, so as a lot of you will know – this time of the year is madness.

Sports Days
Activity Weeks
More Reports

Can you tell what I’ve been mainly doing? I’ve been so busy type..type…typing away that at the end of the day the last thing that I’ve wanted to do is more typing.

And for that I apologise.

But, I promise I’ll be adding more blogposts soon as I’ve got lots to tell you about.

I’ve been reviewing some amazing new nappies, wraps and accessories.
I’ve been testing and reviewing some absolutely gorgeous Eco cleaning products.

But… first of all I’m going to be blogging about a little trip we went on.

Monkey, Mr Clothbum and myself went on a walk.

A Gruffalo walk!

I’ll tell you all about it very, very soon!



Letting children be!

I’ve just seen this article in The Guardian Online and felt I should share as I found myself very vocal in my agreement to a lot of what is written.

It’s definitely food for thought!

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Happy Mothering Sunday!


Wishing all you Mummies and mummies-to-be out there a very happy Mothering
Sunday. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day with your little (or not so little) ones.
My thoughts today also turn to those ladies (and their families) who don’t have their little ones with them any more. My thoughts and love go out to you.

I don’t really need a special day to remind me I’m a Mummy. Not complaining though…

I got some gorgeous flowers.

I got some delicious chocolates.


Most importantly of all…

I’ve got him.

My Monkey.

And that’s all I really want. All I need.

He’s amazing!

Love you, my gorgeous little man xxx

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Where do they go? My weekend musing


Just a thought on this Friday night…

I’ve been tidying up the toys as we’ve had one of those, ‘I’m going to play with EVERYTHING and throw them EVERYWHERE’ days. You know the sort – those ones where your toddler gets stupidly excited, runs around like a total loony and chucks his toys wherever he feels like it.

Now, I tried to think like a toddler whilst I was trying to piece back together his jigsaws, sets of cars and play food. If I was an excitable little being, where might I put things?

That didn’t work.

Not one bit!

It’s not actually worked to the extent that I JUST CAN’T FIND MOST OF IT.

I haven’t got a clue where he’s put them at all. I’ve pulled out the sofa, I’ve looked behind everything and I’ve even checked in parts of the kitchen that I KNOW he didn’t actually go in.


the question remains…


Answers on a postcard, please! Save my sanity!

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The rolling of the eyes: Allergies, smallergies…


A little while ago I saw this ‘someecard’ on Facebook and it made me stop and gasp slightly. My initial reaction was,

‘That’s a bit dramatic’,

closely followed by

‘that’s actually a bit close to the bone for some people’.

But, it made me stop and think – which is what it was designed for (by whoever’s card it is – I have no clue who made it). Now, I’m allergic to shellfish to the extent that I carry an epipen and have to inform people that I really shouldn’t be given anything that might have those nasty little critters in it. I really don’t fancy the whole puffing up like a balloon thing, or the being carted off to hospital not breathing properly/ at all scenario and I definitely (cos I’m a wuss) don’t like the whole idea of a pen full of adrenaline being pumped into me as I don’t react well to synthetic adrenaline at the best of times.

I’m used to dealing with this and for years I’ve got used to reading food/ item labels to ensure that they’re ok for me to eat. Plus, I also have lactose intolerance (which I kind of ignore at times as I love cheese…) so I have to be pretty careful with things that contain cream or milk.

That was all fine. It was easy dealing with it all when it was just me.

But then my little Monkey Clothbum came along and over time we’ve discovered that he’s lactose/cmpi (cow’s milk protein) intolerant and allergic to salmon. He also seems to be very intolerant to tomatoes (which is being checked very soon at our next allergy clinic appointment) and we’re unsure of his reaction to a lot of other fish and have been told to avoid nuts.


It obviously makes cooking/ finding foods that he can eat a little (let’s be honest, quite a LOT) more tricky and I have to pretty much always be on the ball when we’re out and about. My friends and family are all rather brilliant with him and always check before they give him anything. It’s tough when one of their toddlers is wanting to feed him their goodies as he can’t have them. His little face is always a picture of abject misery and I do really feel for him.

However, what I have found increasingly annoying is the attitude that I’ve come across many times from others whilst I’ve been out. What is it about strangers wanting to offer my toddler food? I really don’t get it, but they do. He obviously looks very cute (I know I’m biased, but he’s a little stunner) and they must feel that he deserves a little treat.


Because, invariably, those treats seem to consist of either things he can’t have, or I’m not totally sure what they contain, I’ve found myself very politely and nicely having to sometimes physically move food away from him. I always say a very nice, ‘no thank you’ along with a quick explanation of why he can’t have it.

The majority of people are lovely about it – but then there’s the eye-rollers. They seem to often have another personality trait which manifests itself in a rather loud, rather pointed tutting sound.

Then these people act offended.


I think it’s maybe a generation thing. I’m not too sure. But, I really wish people would stop trying to give him food. He’s quite a sturdy, well-built little boy so he’s definitely not wasting away. My gold top boob milk, along with his love for his food is ensuring that he’s perfectly fine and really doesn’t need any extra treats.

Has any of you have to deal with this? Anyone got any good (and nice, polite) ways of explaining things to people? I know I’m destined to have a fair few years of running around after him, pulling food out of his hands at parties and so on, but it’d be fab to not have that whilst sat in a supermarket cafe!!!


Happy New Year!

Well – it’s 2013! Happy New Year everyone. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful time over the festive season and thoroughly enjoyed yourselves.

We had a fabulous time visiting all of our family and friends and, whilst I’ve missed this lovely little blog, it’s been rather nice to have a break and fully focus on watching my little Monkey Man have a very exciting time.

Whilst it wasn’t his first Christmas, I’d class this one as his first proper Christmas as last year he was only a few months old and spent most of his time staring, slightly cross-eyed, at all the twinkling lights. This past Christmas was so SO much fun. He was utterly delightful and really got involved with the whole thing. Unwrapping presents has never been so much fun and watching his little face when he got new presents was so lovely!

It’s given me a whole new love of Christmas and I actually can’t wait for the next one – he’s going to be so excited! The only downside is that we’re now having a bit of a nightmare trying to find homes for all the wonderful pressies he got. People have been so generous and I can’t thank them enough – but I think I might need an extension!!!

I’ll be back on normal blogging form (with a New Year resolution to actually blog more often!) and I’ve got lots to share with you.


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Merry Christmas, Everyone!


Well, it’s astounding how quickly this year has flown by – I’m actually in slight shock at the fact that it’s now under a week until Christmas!

A year…

A year which started with us having a little baby that was just rolling

A year that began with me being still on maternity leave, soaking in every single waking minute that I could possible could with my little one before I went back to work part-time.

A year that has seen our little Monkey wibble himself over onto his front, squawking as he got his hand stuck underneath him.

A year in which our little man learnt how to push himself into a sitting position. This was after many attempts which ended up with him faceplanting onto the floor and protesting loudly at how his body wasn’t doing what he wanted it to.

A year of giggles, turning into cheeky giggles as he’s learnt how to play ‘tricks’ on us. Hiding behind things whilst looking at us are the funniest at the moment as he’s convinced that we can’t see him!

A year during which he began to crawl – backwards at first, wedging himself quite spectacularly under the sofa! Then progressing to quite quick commando crawling before finally figuring out that his head didn’t need to drag along the floor.

A year of watching him change and grow and turn into his own very distinct personality – a very cheeky but gentle little chap who loves nothing more than cuddles and kisses.

A year during which he learnt how to walk. First of all it was the cowboy approach to walking (hands up in the air as he waddled from side to side). Nowadays it’s the running approach to life – nothing is ever done slowly, apart from when he walks backwards as that’s apparently VERY funny!

A year that is ending with him becoming quite determined. Most food ends up on the floor because it’s hilarious, he likes to try to feed the cats or because he JUST DOESNT WANT IT. He’s so determined to do everything by himself so the pram, pushchair and highchair are becoming his sworn enemies, which makes getting him in them lots of fun!

A year of being so happy, so grateful and so thankful that we have him in our lives. He makes every day so much fun and it’s wonderful watching him grow into such a happy little boy.

I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and wish you all the love and luck in the world for 2013.

(I’m taking a festive blogging break – so see you on the other side!)


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Winter Woes: The joys of bugs and lurgies

I’ve just realised how long it’s been since I last posted. How on earth did a whole week pass by that fast? Eeeek! Scary stuff.

The Toddler, Mr Monkey Clothbum, hasn’t been at all well this week. He’s had a dreadful cold, ear and chest infection – you know the ones, where the river of snot never seems to stop and you wake up (if you’re a co-sleeper like us) with your face and, erm, boobs covered in a crusty layer of loveliness…It’s been great!

Add to that the whining, the screaming, the incessant crying and the hacking horrible cough and you can imagine how fun our week has been for everyone. Did I mention that the whining was from me?!

So, I have a whole world of reviews and posts to get on with now that he’s back to feeling a little bit better, thanks to the miracles that are antibiotics and time. We’re got some fantastic Charlie Banana and Green Pomelo nappies to review, but I haven’t dared put Monkey in them due to the horrendous stuff that he’s been firing out whilst being on the meds. It’s not been pleasant…

I’ve also got a brilliant book to share with you by Charlie Plunkett , but the ill Monkey hasn’t allowed me much reading time!

I’m also in the middle of doing some really fun cookery stuff for Mumsnet and Gourmet Garden herbs , so keep an eye out for that. Hopefully my efforts won’t be too dreadful – but I’ll let you be the judge of that (how scary!)

Now, I’m off to do some sewing. We’re at that transition stage again, where the trousers are getting too tight for going over the nappies – so he’s now in size 2/3 trousers that are enormously too long for him. It’s actually quite comical to see him in them – so I’d better get sewing turnups so he doesn’t go flying!


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