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NCT Sale and the launch of the Nappy Library!


Well, it’s that time of the year again and I’m actually quite excited! Tomorrow is my local NCT Sale and I’m going to be there, running my own trade stand!

I’ve done it before, a few months ago, and it really is a lot of fun. NCT sales are a fabulous thing to go to and you can get THE most amazing bargains for your little one. If you shop smartly, you can get his/her wardrobe pretty much kitted out for many years to come, which is a really sensible thing to do in this day and age.

But, for me, tomorrow really isn’t about shopping. Ok…I’m slightly telling a white lie there as I do have a shopping slot where I can rush around and get my little Monkey Man some bits and bobs.

Tomorrow is all about the nappies!

I’ve got an amazing array of demo nappies, which has just been boosted enormously by some lovely companies donating nappies. I’m currently in the process of setting up a Real Nappy Library for my area and will very soon be able to have loan packs that parents can borrow from me. They can try them out for a week to see how easy cloth is to use before they invest in some of their own nappies.

It’s such a simple concept but one that is proving to be very effective. All across the country, other ladies are busy setting up/ running their own Nappy Libraries – so there’s bound to be one near you!

So, I just wanted to personally say a HUGE thank you to Little Lambs, Babykind, Babipur and FuzziBunz for their support. It’s lovely to have some nice, new nappies to add to the Library’s collection.

I also would like to say a massive thank you to some local ladies who have really helped to boost the supply of preloved nappies that will make the bulk of the Library. Amanda, Cathryn and Tracey have really generously donated a whole load of shaped nappies, prefold nappies and lots of wraps that can be borrowed!

Roll on tomorrow – I’m going to have a lot of fun!


Quick Weekend Catchup!

I just thought that I’d write a quick, little post – basically so that I can whoop at you all with utter excitement! Today I ran a stall for the first time at my local NCT Nearly New Sale. I was there in an advising capacity, so that cloth curious mummies & daddies could find out more about how easy it is to use cloth nappies and what it involves.

I set up my stall, honestly thinking that I’d maybe get a couple of people stopping by and being a little nosy (or to say something negative). I was so nervous! I spent ages looking at the stall, walking away so that I could see it from a distance, walking back and rearranging. I did this umpteen times until I was convinced that it looked good. Then I just waited – and watched people initially go to EVERY SINGLE OTHER STALL.

I quite rightly felt deflated – but not that surprised.


Oh my goodness! Lots and lots of lovely ladies & gents came over, gradually, and were all very interested in my fluffy lovely nappies. I didn’t stop – not for a second! I had lots of people sign up for local Nappuccinos that I’m going to be setting up and lots of people taking away information packs. It was fantastic! Obviously, I have no idea at the moment how many people will follow this all up, but it was a great start for me and I’m just buzzing!

Finger’s crossed I’ll get a lovely little group together of like-minded people who can find out more about fluff. What a fantastic day! Hope all of you had a great day too. I’m off to celebrate with a very small glass of white!

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