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Now, I know I’ve been blogging all about how amazing cloth wipes are, but there are always times when a pack of disposable wipes is very handy indeed. Cloth wipes are brilliant and they save you an absolute fortune, but I always have a pack of ‘normal’ wipes in my changing bag just in case.

They’re great for mopping up dirty faces and hands – things that I wouldn’t use my everyday cloth nappy wipes for (as they’re for his bottom!) At home I have a box downstairs that’s got cloth wipes in for using after meals, but I don’t take face cloth wipes out with me at the moment. That’s mainly because I only have one little wetbag – so once I treat myself to another one, then things may change.

However, for now – I do use a few disposable wipes, but one packet really does last me ages! I usually use the Nature Babies eco wipes (although some other brands have snuck in there every now and then) but I was quite excited when I got hold of a few packets of the Jackson Reece wipes. I’d been reading all about these for a while, so I have to say I was eager to give them a go.


I like the ethos behind the company and as my baby has such sensitive skin, I’m very impressed with the lack of ‘nasties’ that they have in them. They have organic aloe vera, tea tree oil, lavender oil and purified water in the herbal wipes, and there’s also the simple unscented ones. That’s basically what I use in my own wipes solution, so that ticked all the right boxes for me.

Then, from an eco-mum point of view, they’re made in Britain, aren’t tested on animals and are biodegradable/ compostable amongst many other things (have a good nosy around their website to find out more details – it’s pretty impressive stuff!) That ticks even more of my boxes! At the end of the day, if I am going to use some disposable wipes, then it’s surely better for me to try and stick to my guns and use eco-friendly ones.

So, they are all-singing and dancing as far as the eco-side is concerned, but – the question that I’m sure you’re asking is – are they actually any good? Yep! Yes, they are! They are really moist and really strong, which is fantastic. They are very good at doing their job and I didn’t need to use a lot of wipes for dealing with his messy meal face/ hands, which is always a good thing as you’re then saving money! These wipes didn’t make his ezcema flare up, which often happens if I use ‘normal’ disposable wipes and he actually let me use one to wipe his face. I think that might be because they don’t smell strange to him, which others that are full of chemicals must do. I was very pleased with this!

We also have a pack of the Nose Nuzzles, which are natural saline wipes. These have come in incredibly handy as Monkey has had cold after cold, so using these has been much kinder to that delicate skin around his little nose.

So, would I recommend these? I think you’ve probably gathered by now that I do! I know I got given some packs free to try, so I could hopefully write nice things about the products, but I promise that I only write nice stuff if I actually LIKE what I’m testing. These wipes are brilliant and just what I’m looking for when I do buy disposable wipes. Cloth wipes are obviously my preferred choice, but there’s always going to be times when I need disposable wipes and the Jackson Reece wipes are now on my shopping list!

Daisytheclothbummum was given the Jackson Reece products to review but has not received any monetary payment or compensation for writing this review. All thoughts & opinions above are my own.


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