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My reasons in a nutshell…

I found this as picture on a cloth nappy group. I have no idea where it’s come from, but I felt the need to share. This says it all, really!


daisytheclothbummum did not create this poster. It belongs to an unknown source and has just been shared for information purposes.


From the Archives: Terries & Prefolds

Before I go any further with my rambling posts, I realised that there’s something that all potential cloth bum mummies need to know. Whilst disposables are pretty similar, there is an initially astounding range of cloth nappies that you can choose from. To be honest, it’s a little daunting if you don’t have a clue where to start and I can well imagine that it could potentially put people off.

So (deep breath) I’m going to try and work my way through all the different types that I can think of and give my honest, personal opinions on them. I’m sure I’ll miss some out (and please feel free to let me know if I have) and I’m sure that people might disagree with my opinions, but that’s fine. I’ve come to learn that cloth nappy choices are incredibly personal, just like the clothes that we pick or the hairstyles that we choose to adorn our heads with. Some are potentially more fiddly, some are easier to use than others, but all have their good/bad sides.

Ok. Here goes….


Got to be honest, I’ve not used them, but I know a lot of cloth mummies who have. These are the ones that our parents and grandparents used and they are still as reliable as ever. Times have moved on and you can now get much softer and more absorbant ones made from lovely fabrics like terry bamboo. With these you can fold them in different ways (search Youtube for ‘The nappy lady’ to find videos on folding) to suit your baby (male, female, heavy wetter, etc) and instead of using nappy pins you can now get really clever little contraptions called ‘Nappy Nippas’. These are three way devices that grip and hold the terry in place so that the nappy doesn’t ping off the baby and are much safer than pins. You then need a seperate nappy wrap that goes over the top to make the whole thing waterproof and stop any leaks. These can range from the plastic pant variety to very funky printed PUL (waterproof material) wraps. They can be sized so that they fit up to a certain weight (and then you have to buy a new wrap in the next size up), or you can get clever BTP (birth to potty) wraps. These have a series of poppers on them and as your baby grows, you unpopper them and they get bigger. Magic!

This means that one wrap will take you from the start to finish of your cloth nappying days. You’ll need a few wraps and lots of terries, but they are available in a whole amazing range of colours, prints and styles. You can also get fleece wraps that do the same job, or fleece soakers and longies which are pants made from fleece. These are great for using at night time as the fleece helps to draw the moisture away from the baby and keeps them drier whilst asleep. Very clever!

Wraps, soakers and longies can be used over many different types of nappies and I’ll write more about those as time goes on.

Terries are the most cost-effective way of using cloth nappies and is a great choice for many mummies. They are very easy to wash and can be soaked in a bucket to get out any stains (never soak waterproof wraps, or any nappy that has an inbuilt waterproof layer as it ruins it). I didn’t choose to use them as I knew that my slightly cloth-resistant hubby would have found them perhaps a little too challenging and I wanted using cloth to be as easy for him as possible so that I could get what I wanted!

The next type of nappy that i came across were the prefolds. I bought a set of ‘Bambino Mio’ nappies preloved from a lovely local mummy for an absolute bargain right at the start of my cloth nappy-buying journey. I thought they looked rather fantastic in comparison to what I’d expected cloth nappies to be.

Prefolds are essentially padded cloths that you fold up and put inside a nappy wrap (see my Choices – Terries post for more detail on these). They are generally incredibly absorbant and can be fanned out and folded in slightly different ways for girls, boys or heavy wetters. Many mummies swear by them and they are very popular. There is no need for anything like a nappy pin or nippa as they just sit inside the nappy wrap a little like a sanitary pad does inside knickers.

But these weren’t really for us. They involved a lot of putting together and my hubby just didn’t seemed too convinced. So I kept them at the bottom of the nappy changing unit, just in case. They’ve actually ended up being very useful indeed as inserts for other nappies such as pocket nappies that I’ll write about at some point. Prefolds are really thirsty little things and they soak up an awful lot. They are now used around our house for mopping up sick and also make fantastic polishing cloths!

Washing these is just as simple as terries (I’ll do a separate washing post at some point). They can be soaked to remove stains and then bunged in the washing machine. Simples!

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