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Perfecting Potty Training.


This is a post that I have written and shared with the lovely people at Baba+Boo. We are using their training pants as part of our potty training and they’re proving to be brilliant.

There are certain events in your baby’s life that, well, to be quite frank – you slightly dread. Rolling is fantastic but crawling means that you have to start moving everything out of reach. Crawling is great as at least they can’t get up too high but walking means that almost nothing is beyond their grasp. I know that we love these milestones but each new thing comes with a slight uncertainty. A slight concern…

And that’s how I felt about potty-training. I’ve got to be honest, I’ve been dreading it. Really getting myself quite worked up about how on earth we were going to go about it. Some people bang on about using certain methods from books whilst others just go with the flow and are very much led by their child.

We’re taking the second approach in our household and have been leaving a potty around the place for a good six months plus. The Toddler has been using it as a very fetching crown for a while and I was getting concerned that he didn’t really understand what a ‘wee-wee-potty’ was actually all about.

But all of a sudden it’s been clicking and he’s been asking to sit down. Little sits have progressed to longer stays and he’s started to actually use the potty for wees. It’s been relatively quite relaxed and easy so far. As he’s in cloth nappies, he’s feeling when he’s wet much more easily and now that he’s doing full wees he’s really not happy when he feels very damp. This is where cloth has really started to pay off (thank goodness!)

Now that he’s starting to get used to this new way of weeing, we’ve decided that the next step is going to be using cloth pull-up pants. We’ve got a couple of absolutely gorgeous Baba+Boo ones that he’s been told are his ‘Big Boy Pants’ and so far he’s enjoying strutting around the house with the on, proudly showing them to whoever is near. The only hurdle that we’ve found at the moment is that wants a nappy back on when he’s about to do a poo, so the pants aren’t always on yet for as long as we would like. However, the excited look on his face when he’s at home and knows that he can wear his new pants makes me think that they’ll be the norm for him very soon. Here’s hoping!

daisytheclothbummum has written this post as my own post and as a guest post for Baba+Boo. I have not been paid for this and all photographs, words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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