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Nosy little Monkey! Our strollers.

I always wanted to wear my baby and I have a few slings that I love to carry Monkey around in. But, I also have a pram and a couple of pushchairs. The more militant babywearing ladies amongst you may bristle at the thought of me not having my little cutie against me at all times (and in my heart of hearts, I agree with you), but it’s just not practical for me to carry him all the time.

After having several accidents over the years, including a pretty bad car crash, my back is – well, to put it mildly – a little bit knackered! I’ve had physio session after physio session, seen chiropractors, osteopaths – you name it, I’ve had it done. The bottom line is that my back is rather messed up and carrying an increasingly heavy little boy just isn’t easy for me. I do carry him for shorter trips out and when I’m around the house, but the concept of going pram-free just isn’t one that I can fully embrace. My new Cot2Tot sling is fab as I’m able to hip-carry Monkey, which is taking a little less pressure off my back – thank goodness.

But, as Monkey is growing – I’ve also found that it’s much easy to have a small little pushchair/stroller in the back of the car that I can whip in and out for when I just have to do small dashes to the shops or to a friend’s house for a cheeky cup of coffee and a piece of cake (yum!) My pram is wonderful and I use it all the time, but it’s rather cumbersome to be lugging in and out of the car several times a day.

So, I decided to get on eBay and see what I could find. It’s a total minefield there and I had to slow down and read all the descriptions really carefully, peruse the photographs with a cautious eye – before I finally found two pushchairs that caught my eye.

I got hold of two older models of current pushchairs that are on the market and I’m really happy with both of them, for slightly different reasons. The first one I got was a Nuna Pepp – however, the model I have is one that was sold through Mamas & Papas a few years ago and doesn’t have the second zip recline feature that the new one apparently has. It’s a wonderful stroller that pushes like an absolute dream and turns on a pin! I love it as it has an adjustable handle (which is fab as Mr Clothbum is pretty tall) and it’s just one curved handle, not two (I have a real aversion to two handles on a pram/stroller – not sure why but I really don’t like it!)

The other stroller I got was an older version of the QuickSmart Easyfold Stroller. This one is also fab as it folds down really small and comes with its own carry bag. What I love about this one is that it’s going to be a really handy stroller for taking away on holiday with us as it’s so light and very easy for going on a plane. There’s going to be no mucking around as I can just throw it in it’s own bag and it’s job done! This also pushes really well and has the same amount of recline as my Pepp.



Monkey loves both of these – I think he’s a nosy little monster who wants to see the world. I prefer him parent-facing in our pram, but he really does love it when I whip out a stroller and put him in it for a quick whip in/out or a visit. He starts swinging his legs with excitement and making high-pitched whoops! Bless him!

Which strollers/buggies do you have that are good as little runarounds? I keep flicking through websites – looking at others that might be even lighter and better but I’m still on the hunt for that elusive uber-light one that folds down teeny-tiny and also has a good recline. Anyone found that holy grail of strollers? I’d be interested to hear your stories!


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