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Waving a fond farewell – the end of RNW 2012


Well…sniff….it’s here…

The final afternoon of Real Nappy Week 2012.

It’s been, emotional! It’s been, exciting! It’s been, well – quite frankly – probably a little expensive for some of you (BUT THINK OF WHAT YOU SAVED!!!)

Hopefully you managed to get out to a Real Nappy Event or two, and hopefully some of you might have either converted a friend over to the fluffy side or joined the lovely world of cloth nappies yourself!

If you’re new to them – WELCOME! Welcome to lots of fluffy fun, talking about nappies. Yes – something that you probably NEVER EVER in a million years thought that you’d be doing. Who’d have thought that nappies were so wonderful? So utterly cute!

I for one didn’t! This time last year, I was quite seriously researching cloth nappies, but actually (if I’m brutally honest) wasn’t 100% certain that I’d be using them properly (as I believed that they might, possibly be hard work).

But they’re not (YAY) and I love them! So, I hope that a few of you are going to be the same and be seasoned pros this time next year, passing on the fluffy love to some naive newbies!

So – yes – don’t forget that the Nappy Go Lucky competition is still running and closes at 9pm tonight! You could be in the draw to win a free bumGenius FREETIME!

The draw won’t be taking place until (probably) Monday or Tuesday evening, though, as Monkey (my little winner picker) will be in bed when it closes and then he’s at nursery all day on both days, so I think that it’ll be rather tricky to get it all done before then.

You’ll just have to be kept waiting in suspense, won’t you! For one lucky winner – it’ll be worth it!!!!

Best of luck to you all and Happy Real Nappy Week x



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Tis the dawning of RNW2012!


The time has arrived! The week that all cloth mummies have been waiting for, eagerly flicking through a multitude of websites and drooling over their dream fluffy stash – hoping that Real Nappy Week will be the time where their dreams come true! That their fluffy favourites will be on offer! That they may even get to win one!

So, yes – YAY IT’S REAL NAPPY WEEK 2012!!!!!

Make sure you really have a good look around all the fluffy websites to see what deals they have and which giveaways/ competitions they’re running.

It’s really worth being a member of a cloth nappy group this week, such as ‘Cloth Bum Mums’ and ‘Green Fluffy Bottoms’ on Facebook, and the Cloth Nappy Group on Babycentre. You’ll find lots of information from others and it’s a lot of fun!

Check out Go Real to find out info on their giveaways, plus find out what’s happening near you!


Most importantly, keep checking this blog as I have TWO fluffy giveaways, courtesy of the lovely ladies at Nappy Go Lucky


and Baba + Boo!


Have a wonderful, fluffy, fun-filled week!

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It’s (nearly) REAL NAPPY WEEK 2012!!!


It’s that time of year where all seasoned fluffy mummies get stupidly excited and new cloth bum mums probably look the same way that I did – ever so slightly bewildered!

April 16th – 22nd is REAL NAPPY WEEK! It’s honestly the week that most of us have been looking forward to for months.

We know, we know – they’re just nappies. But…but… they’re NOT just nappies. They are lovely fluffy bundles of gorgeousness that we thoroughly enjoy putting our babies in and have such great patterns, prints and fabrics that we can’t really resist them.

Some of us even have dreams about them…

Anywaaaaay – I digress into the realms of slight (ahem) obsession!

Real Nappy Week is a fantastic chance for new (and old) cloth mummies to get their hands on massively discounted fluff, as well as the chance to enter lots of lovely competitions and giveaways. There are some amazing bargains to be had and it’s well worth having a good look around.

Of course, it’s a fantastic marketing opportunity for companies as well, but what I love about Real Nappy Week (RNW) is that lots of councils give out free packs that they would usually charge a nominal fee for. That’s a great opportunity that you really shouldn’t miss. Have a look on your local council website to see what events they have planned – it’s often well worth your while doing so. I got hold of some fab free nappies last year that really helped to kickstart my love of cloth.

Go Real is a fantastic organisation that provides people with a great independent source of information about cloth nappies. Lots of companies and nappy advisors are part of the it and I found their information invaluable when I first started out. They always have lots of info about different events around the country and during RNW, there’s lots on there.

This year they are running their fantastic nappy giveaway again, which was wonderful last year (I got some Smart Nappies from them). Lots and lots of different companies, including Baba+Boo, Close Parent and Little Lamb have donated nappies that new cloth nappy users can win! Isn’t that a brilliant idea? Details on how people can enter will be up on the site on Monday

The theme of RNW 2012 is ‘Real Nappy… Real Easy’, so this should promote that concept – that cloth nappies really are a piece of cake to use!

My bit of advice for RNW2012 is have a look at the websites of nappies that you use/ would like to use on your baby. Chance is that they’ll either be having some offers/promotions/discounts running next week (some have actually already started), as well as competitions/ giveaways. Some of the companies run a different one each day, so it’s worth checking.

If you use Facebook or Twitter, Like or Follow the companies that you want to keep an eye on and be ready to jump on in there!

Real Nappy Week is a fantastic way to promote the use of cloth nappies – so see this week as your chance to go, in your friend’s eyes, a little cloth nuts!

Talk about them
Show them to people
Perhaps get your friends around for a little demo.
Whip them out in public and change your baby somewhere where people can see!
Strike up a random conversation about them with someone.
Stalk pregnant ladies in the street and bombard them with fluffy information….

Ok. Seriously – don’t do the last thing – you’ll freak them out and potentially put them off! But there are ways that you can subtly (ish) drop the concept of Real Nappies into a conversation and gently steer people around to either your way of thinking, or just towards the idea of giving them a go!

One thing that I’ve learnt since doing my nappy talks at various baby groups is that people really do see cloth nappies as hard work (pfffft! they’re so easy!) and they also see it as an all or nothing decision. I’ve been telling people that you can use both cloth and disposables, if that suits your lifestyle better and the fascinating thing about that is most of the people who have tried have moved over to full time cloth use once they realise it’s ok!

So, there isn’t a moment to lose! Get out there. Buy fluff! Enter competitions! Chat about fluff! Go to a local event!

But most importantly


Oh…and have I mentioned that I’ll be running TWO FLUFFY GIVEAWAYS next week?


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