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Master Clothbum is FIVE!

I’m totally writing this blogpost to show off (plus – I’ve got this now for posterity) but – look! Just looooook! 
Now I’m the girl who could never bake.


I destroyed the simplest things and I don’t quite know how I managed it.

I’m still not great at a lot of baking stuff but I’ve got birthday cakes sorted. 

When you’re an allergy mum, you don’t really have a choice. Those lovely easy shop-bought cakes just aren’t an option and if a professional cake maker hears the word ‘allergy’ then – BANG- the cake price goes up massively.

It’s, quite frankly, a total pain.
I’ve now perfected the art of banging out a pretty good Mary Berry Victoria Sponge and now I’m getting more adventurous with my icing and decoration.If I can attempt this stuff, then anyone can! Pinterest and YouTube tutorials are your friends in your cakey journey! 
So – yes. I made that lovely piratey cake!

Pretty cool, isn’t it! 

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Accidentally Vegan welsh Rarebit Cheese Spread

I miss cheese! I REALLY REALLY miss cheese. 

But as someone who is breastfeeding a dairy-allergic baby, I really can’t have any of the lovely gorgeousness that is a chunk of cheddar; a bite of Brie or a smattering of Stilton.

The fact I’m actually lactose intolerant means I shouldn’t have it anyway – but, hey, you only live once…!

Anyway – I digress. So, yeah. I miss cheese and I’ve been trying lots of vegan nut-free alternatives. But I’ve yet to find a spread that ticked all the boxes for me as I like my cheese strong.

SSo I think I’ve come up with, for me, a bit of a winner.

I got the following ingredients-

Violife Cheddar; Oatly cream; Very Lazy Garlic; Vitalite dairy free spread; Marmite; Marigold Engevita nutritional yeast.
I chopped up the Violife cheddar and blitzed it in a handblender along with a smidgen of the garlic and a teaspoon of Marmite to turn it into a paste. 

Then I added the other ingredients little by little to create a paste/spread that suited me. 

It worked out at about the following amounts –

Half a pack of Violife cheddar; a teaspoon of Marmite; teaspoon of very lazy garlic; tablespoon of Oatly cream; teaspoon of Vitalite; teaspoon of the Marigold nutritional yeast.

It’s SOOO tasty and fantastic either spread and heated up on toast; stirred through pasta or just cold on crackers! 

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To cloth or not to cloth…

When I found out that I was pregnant I was stupidly happy. I hyperventilated, I danced around the house, I got rather terrified and then I got excited. Very very excited. For all the obvious “I’m having a baby” reasons, of course. But, to be honest, also because I was going to get to do all the things that I’d had planned in my head for a very, very long time.

You see – I’ve wanted to be a mummy for ages. Sat by watching everyone get hitched, have a zillion children and then get the snip or those pesky tubes tied whilst I was trying, and failing miserably, to get pregnant. There was no reason. Our little swimmers and eggs just weren’t having the party that we were. They weren’t behaving.

But then – they did! Finally! After almost completely giving up. And so the plans that I’d had running around my head for well over a decade were finally able to come to fruition in an exciting whirlwind of shopping and crafty making things.

Cloth nappies were a major part of this plan.

Cute, fluffy cloth!

I always wanted to use them but now that I was finally pregnant, I started to wonder. Would they be too much work? As I was now at the ripe old age of 35, would the ‘extra work’ that I’d heard about cloth nappies be just too much for me. After all, I’d been used to doing exactly whatever I wanted. When I wanted. Whenever I wanted.
Would extra washing, stuffing and all the things that I just hadn’t thought about be a pain? Would my hubby be ok with it all or would he hate them? There was a lot to consider.

And then there was the question about clothing from birth. Both my mum and mother-in-law had used the old terries and whilst they were very supportive of my idea to use cloth nappies, they both thought that I would find it easier to use sposies for a little while after the birth. It’d ‘make it easier at first for me’,I was reassured.

So I set about getting some disposable nappies. I used all those coupons that you get with the various packs that well-meaning companies that want you to spend loads of money with them in the future give out to impressionable mothers-to-be. I built up quite a stash of size 1’s and 2’s.
But I really didn’t like them. They felt horrid, to me. And the more I read into them, the more it didn’t quite sit right with me. I didn’t like the idea of nappies lying there in the ground in many years to come, stinking away and not decomposing properly – and then there was the issue of all those chemical compounds so close to a little baby’s skin. So, then I got some eco-disposables. Better – but still, they felt so papery. Why would I make a baby wear those when I wore nice comfy cotton knickers? It all seemed rather wrong.

So I started to build up a stash of cloth nappies. Slowly, stumbling through a world that exists on the fringes of babydom. You see – you just can’t buy them easily in shops. There are a few places where you can buy them but they are just so dull and plain that it’s understandable why people would be put off. In fact, if that’s all that was out there I just wouldn’t have bothered.

This is going to be my blog of my experiences. Of my mistakes (which there were countless), of my discoveries and of my successes. I really hope this little rambling area of the net might be of some use to a mummy who’s thinking of taking the plunge and opting for this fun, cute and comfy way of nappying a child.

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