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Blogs I Like!

I read this a few moments ago, nodding vigorously. I don’t claim to be perfect – I’m not as green as I’d like to be, but this rings so true. I WILL try harder!!

Ooooh I like this one!
I’ll be having a good read to pick up tips.

The lovely Mel writes a blog at and I’ve just noticed that she’s trying out reusable nappies on her gorgeous little lad. He looks very cute in them!

The very talented Tigerlily Quinn has a blog in which she’s started writing about using cloth. Go and have a look and admire her beautiful artwork!

A lovely mummy blog! Well worth a read.

I’ve been reading ever since the gorgeous little Jayden was born. Be prepared to feel all gooey at his beautiful photos!

There are a couple of bloggers who’ve been with me all the way from the start, and I love reading their posts as well as their supportive comments. They are the fantastic, and


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  1. fritha says:

    thank you! 🙂 x

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